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Can Activity Supervisor also work with storage services such as Dropbox and One Drive?

To whom Activity Supervisor was made for?

What kind of goals does Activity Supervisor intend to achieve?

Does Activity Supervisor require any additional fee or subscription besides the license?

Do I have to upgrade if a new version is released or is it optional?

What browsers are tracked in Activity Supervisor?

Can I enable disable Activity Supervisor so only I can access it?

What should I do if I suspect someone is monitoring me with Activity Supervisor illegally?

Is there other uses for Activity Supervisor besides monitoring computer activity?

Does Activity Supervisor track keystrokes as well?

How many computers am I entitled to install my Activity Supervisor copy with one license?

Does Activity Supervisor inform any other party of information collected?

Does Activity Supervisor provide a satisfacton guaranteed policy?

Browsers. Yes. With Activity Supervisor you select the folder you wish to store your monitoring and these services will upload them for you so you can see from a remote location what is happening.

Uses. Activity Supervisor was mainly written for children monitoring and suspecting spouses, yet the utilities for this powerfull application is very vast.

Goals. The main goal here is to promote a healthy family life with healthy computer use.

Single Fee. Activity Supervisor requires a single fee and that is it, the application is yours to use as much as you need.

Upgrades. Activity Supervisor will inform you of any possible upgrade and the changes in it. If you are happy with the version you have, you may keep using it as long as you wish.

Supported Browsers. Activity Supervisor currently tracks Chrome, Firefox, and Opera internet browsers.

Unregister. Activity Supervisor has an unique feature that allows you to unregister and disable the product so only you can use it.

Illegal Tracking. If you believe you are being illegally tracked, check on running processes, and try to disable and uninstall Activity Supervisor from your system. Feel free to contact us for support.

Additional Uses. Besides internet and computer monitoring, Activity Supervisor is also used to take stills from Newscasts, movies and video clips providing images for articles and blog posts.

Keystrokes. We want to help monitor activity and be on the safe side. While there is a need, we rather not register keystrokes since it can be used to capture usernames and passwords. We may change our mind in the future, but only screen shots for now.

License. the license provide is for one computer alone. Email us for a quote on multiple stations.

Privacy. Your privacy is respected. on the information you collect is yours, and only you access it. Activity Supervisor does not send any information to 3rd parties.

Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not happy with our product we will refund 100% of the price you paid. This is good for 7 days.

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